When David started working with me he had a concept, knew the value he was offering and was even booking regular consultations with potential clients.

The problem… He wasn’t selling anything! 8 weeks later and David has filled his first group coaching programme making just shy of £20,000 of sales in the process. How did we do this so quickly? Here’s the steps we went through: Step 1 >>>>  David defined exactly who his target market was and the actual outcome he was offering. Here’s the thing. Many people THINK they know who their market is, what they want and what they need. The reality is - even in relatively well defined niches, there will be sub niches who have vastly different problems and so need to be spoken to in a language that resonates with them. So we dived deeply into the market and found out who David could serve most effectively, what problem they really had and then created a message that they could relate to. Step 2 >>>>  We ‘de-commoditised’ David’s process by creating a unique framework as well as a delivery model that people wanted. If you do what everyone else does - you’ll always be viewed as a commodity and can never charge your true worth and value. This doesn’t serve you or your clients - as you owe it to them to be 100% bought into the process to get results. Get this wrong and you may as well list yourself on fiver.com. Step 3 >>>> David TOLD people what he was doing and how it could help them. Such a novel idea… But rather than trying to trick people into getting on the phone, or come up with manipulation based sales techniques that trigger certain reactions in the human brain, we just but the message out into David’s network that SHOWED them how to improve their lives. And at this stage there was no cold traffic or funnels in sight - just a projection into David’s existing network and simply asking if anyone needed help. Step 4 >>>> David used a proven framework on his consultation calls. It’s fair to say that most coaches and trainers are not natural born salespeople… This is a GOOD thing! But the issue can be that when you to all of the hard work on and get on the phone with a potential client, you want to provide as much value as you can… And so end up putting the kettle on and having a good old chinwag for an hour whilst overloading your prospect with far too much technical information. Then, at the end of the call, you feel embarrassed to actually pitch anything and so make your excuses to get of the call as quickly as you can.  Maybe you send a half baked follow up email describing your programme but that’s about it. The real secret here is taking your lead through a proven 4 part process so at the end of the call they BELIEVE that they can achieve their big vision, can now see the route they need to take and are looking for you to be their guide. Before David joined the Authority Accelerator he had taken 10 calls and closed none of them. With this framework he closed his first 3 out of 3, and 10 days later had filled his first group coaching with just shy of £20,000 of sales. Next step for David is to turn on the traffic. So, how can you achieve the same results in your training business? The first step is to apply for a Clarity Call to see if me and my team can help you grow your business. I can’t help everyone… You need to already be have a niche that you are setting up in, or already serving. If you’re well into 6 figures already I’m probably also not the person for you. It’s important that you have a big vision of where you want to take your business and must be genuinely passionate about helping your market. You also must be prepared to invest in your business to grow it - the methods I use involve spending a little to make a lot. If that sounds like you, please click the link on this post and apply for your Clarity Call now, where we will map out a plan of how to take your training business to the next level.