Meet JP

How he blew up his training business by re-designing itusing the Freedom Model and the Triple A Method. JP is one of my private clients... I'm pretty proud of him… By redesigning his delivery structure using the Freedom Model and applyingthe Triple A Method to his business… JP just launched his new premium programme, with ZERO ad spend, and did £18,000of sales in 90 minutes, as well as bringing on a premium paying private client at £1000 a month. And after we proved the model worked, we turned on the lead generation… The campaign immediately started to produce leads at just over 30 pence a lead! So how did JP do this so quickly? Firstly,  We created a delivery model that actually creates results for his clients. This is not just another workshop, seminar or product that just collects dust. This is a high end, intimate 12 week programme that accelerates client performance. Secondly, We created a message that resonated with JPs perfect audience. It’s really not that difficult. All markets feel a pain point, but very realise what their actual problem is. So by crafting a message that makes them AWARE of their real problem, we can start prescribing a solution. Which takes us to step 3. Because anyone can make noise in a niche. But shouting as loud as you can does not mean people will believe your ability to actually deliver. And so we built a simple but effect authority building system which elevate JP to become the only sensible choice to solve the markets problem through demonstration, association and education. And so JP dominated his market’s consciousness  and attention leading up to the launch. Think multi media, multi medium - but with consistency. And this funnel is super simple. No shiny automation hacks, scarcity based tactics or complex multi branching funnels. Relevant Social Presence > Awareness Lead Magnet > Email Nurture > Organic Webinar > Application Page. All of which is designed to deliver the perfect message to the right person at the right time. This launch was successful because the people JP spoke to understood with clarity what their problem was for the first time,saw the solution and how life would be transformed forever with it - and firmly believed that JP is the person to help them through the process. No trickery. And so JP has filled his first programme organically in less than a week. Which is why we turned on the lead generation. And this is all built using the same strategies I teach in the Authority Accelerator. And I know JP will use this to positively impact the lettings market. How can you use it to impact your market? Want to find out?