Meet Akash, Sameera, Shiv and Jaina from Lifestyle Property People.

LPP offer a high end property sourcing service to time poor professionals. And they just blew up their client acquisition by making some very small changes to their model. I’m pretty chuffed for them - just look at these results: Jan Consults Booked >>> 2 Feb Consults Booked >>> 6 March Consults Booked >>> 8 April Consults Booked >>> 25 And as I write this in May we’re looking at almost a booking a day so far. So - how was this rapid growth achieved. Pretty simple really. Step 1 - LPP designed a brochure that was targeted to help their perfect client. No fluff, smoke and mirrors or hype… Just real world value with a compelling message that solved a problem for their market. Step 2 - After defining their customer avatar, we found it on Facebook and tested the message. Step 3 - After a successful test, and after eliminating as much risk as possible we 10x’d the audience to give room to scale. This is important when scaling as many people just allocate an ad budget and ‘throw’ it at the platform - which generally leads to losing the lot! (When you use paid for ads properly, it is almost TOTALLY risk free) Step 4 - Here’s the key - We rolled out my ‘newsfeed domination’ strategy to deliver the right message to the right person, simultaneously across multiple platforms and mediums, becoming the only sensible solution to solve the market’s problems. That is the secret sauce. Match the right message to the right market in the right medium… …And you will magnetically attract your perfect client. No manipulation, scarcity or urgency in sight. I’m looking forward to seeing how the team are going to scale this over the next 12 months :-)