How to bring in your first £5k client within 20 Days

I want you to meet Phil. Phil joined the Authority Accelerator with a burning desire to use his experience and skill set to help others avoid the same barriers he had already worked through in his own businesses. The problem was - just where do you start? This is one of THE most common issues in the Expert Industry. Just how do all of the pieces of the jigsaw fit together? "What should my programme look like >>>> how do I attract clients without spending 6 nights a week networking >>>> I don’t believe I can charge anything other than a low hourly rate  >>>> what if people think I’m a sham!” Well, by using the Triple A Method and the Freedom Formula, Phil went from scratch… To landing his first £5000 client in JUST 16 days. How was this possible…? Well here’s the process we went through. 
  1. Create clarity on the value you can deliver to your market as well as EXACTLY who your market is >>>>>>>>
  1. Design a programme (or service) that delivers true transformational change as an outcome, rather than just ‘mind bombing' your market with more overwhelming information which will never see the light of day again >>>>>>>>
  1. Create your own unique framework which is teachable, implementable and relevant to your market.  This de-commoditises what you do and enables you to set a premium price based on it’s true value rather than component parts >>>>>>>>
  2. Speak to your market in a language they understand, make them aware of the actual problems they face rather than the pain they feel and then help them to get from whatever reality they’ve created for themselves to where they want to be >>>>>>
 That’s a novel idea, actually help people first. And when you show people there is a better, simpler and more fulfilling route they can take, they will seek your help to illuminate the path. So did Phil need to create scarcity and urgency around his offer with limited period price drops, value stacks and contrast frames? Not one bit. He simply offered a path that has been proven to work and an outcome that his market actually wanted. And I believe, as I write this, that he’s signed up his second client already. What’s next in the process? To build the systems to enable Phil to magnetically attract his perfect clients 24/7 to enable him to focus on his zone of genius. This is what we do on the Authority Accelerator, together, over an intense 90 day experience. If you want to find out how we can work together to achieve the same results - book in a session and we’ll map out a plan together, for free.